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Our NEWEST technology is employed in our B Safe™ Product line, which uses an advanced antimicrobial coating formula based on silver ion infusion that provides a protective barrier on fabrics. 

The B Safe™ product line is designed for optimum safety for fabrics used in commercial settings, high-traffic areas, and higher risk businesses such as hotels, train and bus depots, nursing and home health facilities, shopping malls, and concert venues. The coating provides continuous support between

cleanings for areas likely to become frequently contaminated with germs.

The B Safe™ coating can be combined with our Barricade™ finish to offer not only antimicrobial properties but stain and water resistance as well. All of our finishes are highly durable and long-lasting.

Current products offered:

BSafe™ Gloves
BSafe™ Face Masks
BSafe™ Upholstery Fabrics


For questions about B Safe technology, or to see how it can be employed in your business, please go to:

with added protection to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.


The silver ion-based agent has inherent antimicrobial protection that helps prevent the growth of bacteria. This protection is long lasting as silver ions are not prone to evaporate or dissolve. This added protection does not contain Tricolsan or Triclocarban.

Barricade™ Plus is an antimicrobial agent with a metallic ion structure and is approved for textile use and registered by the US EPA.

Barricade™ Plus can be combined with your existing products. Call today and ask how we can make your fabrics or products safer from bacteria and viruses.


Tahoe LLC announces an additional option with their new performance finish. Barricade™ Plus is a permanent application that includes an antimicrobial barrier that will protect your fabrics from spills and stains plus 

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